Compliant s
for enterprise and datacenter environments
White Paper
june 2020
  • Use a multi-layered defense to counter collusion and satisfies the Cybersecurity Framework
  • Employs smart technologies for full and perpetual tracking of assets via a cloud based secure customer portal provides on-demand reports (full audit trail, certificates of destruction and environmental reports)
  • Operates entirely onsite within the ‘four walls’ of a facility and the data never leave the organization’s control
  • Vendors must use Two System Engineers one to process the data and another to verify
  • Employs a secure cloud-based Customer Inventory Management Portal as a robust global inventory and asset tracking system
  • The e-waste from destroyed data bearing devices is recycled at only ISO 14001 recycling facilities and follows a strict Zero Landfill Policy
  • The process should be supported by a foundation of 5 ISOs (27001, 31000, 9001, 14001, 45001 & NIST 800-171)
Compliant process provides comprehensive protection: