Tear-A-Byte® is the Future-Proof 100% Compliant Solution for Data Destruction in Enterprise and Datacenter Environments
White Paper
june 2020
The Tear-A-Byte
data destruction process provides comprehensive protection including:
  • Two System Engineers sanitize the data and verify it has been destroyed
  • Employs a secure cloud-based Customer Inventory Management Portal as a robust global inventory and asset tracking system
  • The e-waste from destroyed data bearing devices is recycled at only ISO 14001 recycling facilities and follows a strict Zero Landfill Policy
  • The process is supported by a foundation of 5 ISOs (27001, 31000, 9001, 14001, 45001)
  • It uses a multi-layered defense to counter collusion and satisfies the data destruction component of the required Cybersecurity framework
  • Employs smart RFID technology for full and perpetual tracking of assets via a cloud based secure customer portal provides on-demand reports (full audit trail, certificates of destruction and environmental reports)
  • Operates entirely onsite within the ‘four walls’ of a facility and the data never leave the organization’s control
Our Tear-A-Byte® Data Destruction process meets industry certifications as well as Federal Guidelines for media sanitation.
To meet the requirements of the regulatory tsunami and to eliminate the risk of breaches resulting from stolen or mismanaged data bearing devices, organizations must work with the right partner and employ the best solution.
That partner is TechR2 and the solution is its patented Tear-A-Byte® process.  The ground breaking Tear-A-Byte® process for data destruction is
a product and service that Tracks, Contains, Destroys and Verifies data on data bearing devices when they fail or are decommissioned protecting organizations from breach, the aforementioned backbreaking fines, civil and criminal liability as well as damage to your brand.